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February 2009
Fire trucks in various stages of repair in the Valtek facility. - division of Valtek Inc.

For fire truck, emergency vehicle and ambulance auto body, collision, frame repair and painting and refurbishing, Valtek is the leading body repair facility in the New Jersey, metropolitan New York area.

Fire Truck Painting and Fire Truck Repair

Over 190 municipalities in the New Jersey/New York area have chosen the “” division of Valtek for fire truck painting and fire truck body repair, emergency vehicle and ambulance auto body repairs including collision body work, frame repairs and painting. Valtek’s uses the proper equipment and skills to repair fire trucks whether steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass.

Wear, rust and corrosion repair

Fire trucks, ambulances and emergency vehicles endure harsh environments and use. This can cause wear, rust and corrosion. The Fire truck division of Valtek can restore the damaged parts of your fire truck, ambulance and emergency vehicle to a safe, operational and attractive condition.

Painting and color changes

Maintaining consistent colors within your department assists in identifying your company when performing services within the community. It also helps instill a sense of pride which enhances performance and recruitment. From painting the top of a cab to painting the whole fire truck, ambulance or emergency vehicle, the fire truck shop at Valtek can serve your needs. As a Axalta Certified Commercial Refinisher, Valtek uses the highest quality Axalta warranted paints and procedures for maximum durability, maintenance and appearance.

Refurbishing and Body modification

Consider repairing and refinishing a useful fire truck, ambulance or emergency vehicle rather than replacing it. In addition to spending considerably less for refurbishing than the cost of a replacement, you preserve the department’s operational efficiency thru members familiarity with the features and handling of your current equipment.

Added equipment boxes, hose trays, slide out drawers, hose bed extensions, installation of lights and sirens and new booster tanks are among some of the Fire truck’s body modification services for your fire truck, ambulance and emergency vehicle.

Valtek has also handled factory level work for several fire truck manufacturers and dealers including Seagrave, Pierce, E-One, KME, Custom Fire Apparatus, Quality Manufacturing, W.S. Darley, S&S Fire Equipment, Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Simon-DuPlex and Baker Equipment.

Easy to reach, right off Route 80 at exit 60 in Paterson, pay Valtek a visit. After you visit, the Fire truck division of Valtek will be your choice for all your fire truck, emergency vehicle and ambulance auto body, collision, frame repair, body modification, painting and refurbishing.


Valtek's Fire truck
"Rot Awareness" campaign
starts at Firematic.

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"Fixing fire truck rust, corrosion and paint defects saves money and is highlighted in Valtek's awareness program begun at the Woodland Park Ridgerunner's Firematic Show. Fire trucks and emergency equipment are significant investments in community fire protection. Repairing fire equipment increases its useful life and reduces new capital spending, saving many times the cost of repairs. As part  of Valtek's fire truck repair process, insulating coatings are used to decrease the likelihood of problems reappearing. Valtek has repaired fire equipment rust, corrosion and paint defects for hundreds of NJ, NY and PA emergency responders. Valtek will supply the names of fire departments which have enjoyed the benefits of these savings upon request."

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