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February 2009
Services We Provide
Accident Repair
Body Refurbishing
Body Modification
Accident Repair

Valtek can ease the burden from handling an accident requiring truck auto body collision repairs including frame and paint repair for a fire truck, tractor, bus, heavy equipment and rv.

Obtaining Valtek's Damage Report

A detailed, itemized report of accident damage will be provided. This will assist you in making an insurance claim and authorizing the repair. Some shops will give you a quick, lump sum, unclear estimate which will cause confusion and misunderstandings - Valtek will do things properly from the beginning to help you return your vehicle to service quickly. Prompt response for unpredictable emergencies is what Valtek will provide.

For small incidents, have someone drop in during normal business hours for an inspection and photos. Within 10-15 minutes they can be back on the job and you will receive a written damage report by fax.

When significant damage has occurred, Valtek can arrange to inspect the vehicle at its location, normally within 24 hours. While inspection at your site is convenient, the most complete and accurate reports are made when Valtek has the vehicle in our shop and Valtek is able to use our tools and various personnel to make a proper analysis.

Should you need towing services to move the vehicle to us, Valtek can arrange a tow or you can use our heavy duty tower directly

Accident Claims Settlement

Having the vehicle at our shop enables us and outside inspections to take place quickly and completely, so that a repair cost and procedure agreement is arrived at promptly with the insurer. Valtek's reputation for accurate and fair reports and proper repairs enable us to reach agreements which reflect what you, our customer is entitled to and which an insurer can be comfortable with as appropriate.

Accident Repair Process

Having provided you with a report reflecting Valtek's collision repair experience and abilities, prompt efficient repairs proceed routinely at Valtek. Vehicle parts that can and should be repaired will be. Parts that need replacement will be replaced as agreed. If parts will take too long to receive from suppliers, Valtek will attempt to obtain them before we take in your drivable vehicle and have it sit.

You will be informed about the progress of repairs and any newly discovered problems. We pride ourselves on making as few as possible unanticipated additions to our damage report.

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Bayonne '79 truck before

Body Refurbishing

Bayonne Fire Department’s T-1 aerial fire truck (click for the story about this fire truck) is an example of Valtek’s truck body repair and painting that can prolong the life of a valuable vehicle in a cost-effective way while dramatically reducing capital expense.

This 1979 Mack Aerialscope would have cost $750, 000 for a comparable new unit 20 years later when Valtek restored the fire truck to working condition.

Floor sections, cabinet supports and panels, were fabricated and replaced. Missing and inadequate hardware and lights were replaced. Rusted areas were cleaned and treated and the whole truck was changed from a fading lime green to a gleaming protective coat of Axalta Imron® in traditional fire truck red. Valtek coordinated other vendors work aerial hydraulic, radio, etc., which took place at Valtek’s TruckbodyShop while Valtek’s work was going on.

"I had a lot of confidence in Valtek's ability to deliver on their promises. They gave us great service, delivered on time and in budget and were cooperative to our needs," said Chief Tom Lynch about these fire truck repairs.

Valtek can supply you with a plan to refurbish your valuable truck, tractor, fire truck, bus, rv or specialty vehicle by performing any auto body, collision, body repair, painting, frame, accessory, or body modification, needed.

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Battery Box Slide Out Tray
Stony Point, NY #18-500
1988 Pierce pumper
Mack CF 688 FC
Body Modifications

Valtek designed and fabricated a roll-out battery tray which solved Stony Point's access and maintenance problems.

Valtek designed and fabricated a battery box slide out tray that could handle four batteries. Modifying the existing structure, Valtek reinforced the old tray and installed heavy duty slides, extended electrical cable, and added a Teflon pad support for added stability. Valtek sanded, prepped and painted the battery compartment door to match the rest of the truck and included a new handle and lock to complete the job.

Perhaps you have a design problem that you'd like Valtek's experts to evaluate to enhance your truck, tractor, fire truck, bus, rv or specialty vehicle.

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Valtek can properly install accessories that improve your truck, tractor, fire truck, bus, rv or specialty vehicle such as:

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